About Kelli MacAlpine

Creative | Spiritual | Kind | Transformational


Where it all began

As far back as she can remember Kelli MacAlpine of Misk Designs always had a paint brush in her hand. Growing up in Toowoomba she has a fond memory of her sister and brother on a swing covered in paint from head to toe. At home her creative expression was supported but her gift of spiritual connection was yet to be explored.

As a young adult Kelli explored her creative talents in the world of makeup artistry and also with acrylic paints on canvas. She would often be found sewing a piece of unique fashion but with unconventional materials and some of that can still be seen in her work today.

Body Painting

Having always enjoyed being creative and painting, together with her love for people, it seemed only natural that Kelli would become a well-known body painting artist and an airbrush artist. Painting – always enjoyed being creative and painting  – body painting 6yrs ago

Her work has featured in music video's, fashion magazines, national newspapers and on television. Painting on a human body provides many challenges but Kelli loves the three-dimensional designs that can be created. Turning your body into a living, breathing piece of art can also be transformational for the model too.

Transpersonal Art Therapy

Kelli always had a connection with the spirit world and healing. She would pick up on other peoples emotions and was acutely aware of their needs. She pursued the healing modality of Reiki and became a Reiki Practitioner and therapist along with Spirit Guide Drawing.

She would often say to friends and family, "wouldn't it be cool if I was an art therapist." A series of synchronicity led her to study Transpersonal Art Therapy which requires you to face your own feelings and emotions and then provides you with an outlet to express what you discover. This is Kelli's true calling - combining her two passions of art and therapy to transform peoples lives.

Dreams and Goals

Now based in Brisbane Australia and forever the student Kelli has a drive to travel overseas with her art therapy painting and transforming people as she goes. She wants to help more people through visionary art workshops and festivals with a lifetime goal of becoming a visionary artist - someone who sees other worlds and is able to transfer what they see onto a canvas (or a body) and would love to one day see her art on a card deck.


Certificate 4 in beauty therapy 

Airbrush artist – airbrush venturi student

Airbrush Workshop with Star Shields

Reiki KGendo with Sharon Rallings 

Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy - Ikon Institute