Art Therapy

Creative | Spiritual | Kind | Transformational

Transpersonal Art Therapy allows people to process what they need to deal with, without the need to talk about it. It is a beautiful and gentle way to shift issues or problems someone is having within their life that may be blocking them from achieving a desired outcome or goal, furthering their psychological wellbeing. With art

Kelli MacAlpine of Misk Designs is a qualified transpersonal art therapist and enjoys working with clients to transform their challenges into artwork. "With art therapy we are working by privileging the unconscious, creating space for growth and change" says Kelli. She goes on to say "We do this by using art mediums, guiding and supporting when needed."

In the words of Glenda Needs, “Art therapy is a modality that uses the nonverbal language of art for personal growth, insight, and transformation and is a means of connecting what is inside us – our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions – with outer realities and life experiences.”

Contact Kelli to book a transpersonal art therapy session on 0407 690 093