Belly Painting

Creative | Spiritual | Kind | Transformational

Kelli MacAlpine feels honoured when asked to paint a belly because to her it is a celebration of life and connection. It's a memorable moment captured in time where the mother can adorn her body with love and the beauty of the gift she carries within.  

The mother is relaxed during the process as her belly becomes a unique piece of art. Sometimes though the baby likes to dance around a bit and become connected with what is going on outside. Often afterwards mothers feel more comfortable with showing off their belly and how beautiful it truly is. 

Kelli MacAlpine of Misk Designs also conducts henna blessings. These are like a baby shower but with a more ritualistic and spiritual theme to it. Painting the belly with plant extracts and little designs for other guests. This is an intriguing and sensual way to connect everyone together with the mother and the baby in the womb.

Contact Kelli MacAlpine to make a booking or find out more about this special artwork 0407 690 093