Body Painting

Creative | Spiritual | Kind | Transformational

Kelli Mac Alpine of Misk Designs absolutely loves body painting and that is reflected in the beauty that she creates. "I love it because you get to experience that moment to transform and connect with another human being in an intimate and personal way." They get to become either a part of themselves multiplied or to express or journey through different issues, to give people a message - 

As the canvas you get to become either a part of yourself multiplied or to express or journey through different issues. Every body art piece has a message and has had a connection to a theme and the person who is the canvas. It is a connection that is both tactile and spiritual and can have a profoundly positive effect on the model.

Often, to see their body as beautiful for the first time is very moving and to have that moment captured forever by the photographer is extremely special. – a photographer captured that moment and it was very special and they didn’t want to wash it off. And then the realisation that they are beautiful and it’s the paint that just reminds them that they are.

When it comes time to wash the paint off it can be a moment of sadness however once it is washed away there is the realisation that they are still beautiful and the paint was just there to remind them that they are. 

Regardless of your age or body shape we are all beautiful and anyone can be a body painting model. Working with Kelli she is always respectful of you as a person and makes you feel extremely comfortable. " It is very ritualistic for me. Body Painting transcends cultures and we have been doing it for centuries and I feel very honoured to body paint people."

Contact Kelli to find out how you can experience the benefits of becoming a Body Painting model 0407 690 093